Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can youth make a difference?

Speaking at Equip4Life Leadership Academy Conference.

It was around the following theme. Problem parents or Problem children: Seeds of resentment from the hurts by parents can grow up into a crop of rebellion in the lives of their sons and daughters. Forgiveness and restore fellowship with one another I need you for Saturday 6th March in Cape Town. I have one session for you at our with the theme : Can the youth help lead the church?

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Following the success of the Equipping Horses Marketplace Conference in 2009, Crown Financial Ministries South Africa has successfully launched their regional seminars in May 2010- "Secrets of the Kingdom Economy". In this insightful newsletter you will find short highlights from this conference as well as resources from the various international speakers.

Read keynotes from the speakers and download the presentations by following the link below:


25 couples did attend this session and it was a great time to reinforce and equip leaders in taking up this role. There is so much opportunity for financial counseling and participants also received reading on dealing with financial issues in the marriage.

• Putting Character First in our Marriages.
• Energy givers, energy takers and energy wasters in our marriages
• Parenting for Life
• Character base correction in our marriage
• The Power of Prayer – The most powerful tool in our marriage
• Sustainability
• Let the rest of your marriage be the best part of your marriage
• Marriage Success Contract

God provides in Ghana

Showing God’s provides videos to Full Gospel Group

The two Dvd’s namely the widow and the oil and lifted up have been shown and discuss with about 60 men during their weekly meeting. I have also discuss these videos with the CFM board in Ghana

Invitation to mobilise

At various times during the Reunion, I asked myself why I was really at the conference and what am I going to do with the newly acquired information. These questions kept me awake into the early hours of the morning! I have one serious request at this time: I am trusting God for 100 committed, passionate coordinators that we can train as seminar instructors, small group leaders, stewardship or marketplace coordinators, Career Direct consultants or business forum leaders.

If you would like to get involved, please send an email to or contact our office on +21 979 3198 right now for further details. Additional information can also be obtained by visiting

Looking forward to hear from you

The 31St FCCI International Conference Tucson, Arizona

The theme of the 31St FCCI International Conference was “Back to the Basics” and we were not disappointed! FCCI (Fellowship of Companies for Christ International) is a membership organisation with a vision to transform the world through Christ, one business leader at a time.
The conference opened with Pat MacMillan, founder and CEO of TRIAXIA Partners, talking about leadership and the pitfalls that surround us and the biblical metaphors regarding leadership.

Back from Crown Financial Ministries Reunion

I am back in South Africa after attending the Crown Financial Ministries Reunion week in Asheville, North Carolina. I am definitely ENcouraged and INspired and TRransformed by all the teaching during that special week and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended the Reunion. Crown Financial Ministries is now in its 35th year of existence and it was so refreshing to see what is currently happening around the World, through the teaching of Crown.

It was exciting to see the progress on every continent and specifically the truth that God’s economy brings into the hearts and minds of those being served.

Character First training in Nigeria

Nigeria is a massive country of almost 100 million people comprising 250 ethnic groups speaking 4000 dialects. In size, it is more than two and half times the size of California. The diversity of Nigeria is reflected in its rainbow of creeds and complexions, views and counterviews, stretching from the fringes of the desert in the North to the Atlantic waters in the South.

We have been involved in taking Character First into Nigeria and initiate the implementation of it within Church groups as well as business implementation groups.




Monday, July 19, 2010

Presenting and coordinating excellent marketplace conference

Equipping Horses conference attended by 120 participants and 50 delegates pre conference and selling the DVD material afterwards with articles in the Joy magazine

Kent Humphreys said the following:

“At this first ever African conference we had leaders from twelve African nations including Egypt. The enthusiasm was very high throughout the three days. The pre-conference tour on the first day was sold out with a bus load full of 52 leaders visiting three different companies. Dick Wynn, formerly of Crown and who has spoken at our FCCI conference, Jerry Forster, who owns a large financial advisory firm, Graham Power, of The Power Companies and who also started the Global Day of Prayer, were also on the platform. The teaching was solidly biblical and very practical. The questions and interaction in the workshops was perhaps the best that I have seen anywhere in the world. The participation by the women and spouses was also are high as I have seen anywhere in the world. Of course the worship and dancing and singing definitely went a step beyond our worship in the USA”.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Developing financial marketplace funding strategy

Our goal is to be 75% self funding re material and other operational expense. There have been a significant growth in this area in the current year since the start and building of the function in May 2007

Presenting radio programme Wisdom at work

Made 45 programs of 30 minutes on Wisdom at work together with the new language of the entrepreneur with Handre De Jongh and doing all the content research around these programs

Seminar and business forum and marketplace leader and consultant for Africa (Crown teaching events, leadership development and coaching)

1) Training session in Namibia ( evening session with 25 delegates on Character Development and Back to Basics
2) Breakfast session in Pietermaritzburg for 25 delegates
3) Launch new marketplace website
4) Sending our marketplace newsletter to about 4000 members (part of coaching activities)
5) Doing initial work on Splitting Heirs or Inheritance by the Book 4 chapters
6) Doing a presentation to 75 delegates at Saldanha Chamber of commerce
7) Doing a weekend session for Piet de Beer 40 participants on Stewardship
8) 75 delegates on a session with Montagu Chambers of commerce on developing a Character First Culture-based excellence
9)Married for life presentation for about 25 participants
10) Attending headmasters conference with 300 other delegates in Langebaan
11) Starting a small business forum and six breakfast sessions on average 7-8 parrticipants monthly for six months
12) Guest speaker at CBM annual meeting in Wellington with Johan Crous 120 delegates
13) Talking on transformation with DS Gawie Hugo in Paarl 45 delegates
14) Presenting Business by the Book for 18 delegates in George
15) Doing session for 60 Haggai alumni in AFM Goodwood
16) Start with the two weekly business forum in NEOS at our Crown offices for approximately 8 people
17) Attending the FCCI strategic session in Parry Sound Canada and developing new initiatives to grow Business forums
18) Doing Goal setting session for 30 delegates from across the world in Maui Hawaii
19) 40 People at a Malmesbury breakfast session
20) Training a group of 8 participants to be Crown Stewardship/faculty leaders and later with another Group in Johannesburg
21) Attending the FCCI 30th preconference and marketplace conference in Naples and visiting various institutions and key ministries Os Guinness; the two worlds that changed the world; Dr Blackaby Secular or Spiritual leadership and the emphasis to put people on God’s agenda; Bill Bliss; Selecting and developing great leaders; Horst Schulze on leadership; Kent Humphreys on Surviving and Thriving with failure; Jon Shaw; increasing your Business ministry impact; John Duncan: Achieving Desired Organizational results and ministry in marketplace
22) Married for Life presentation for 11 couples
23) Entrepreneurship that Prosper seminar to 10 participants
24) Showing and discussion the Crown Videos to about 107 delegates in different sessions
25) Doing two CF short 3 hour session for 53 delegates from Vital Health
26) Doing Stewardship/faculty training for 48 leaders at Joshua Ministries in Johannesburg
27) Lecturing at Reims, Euromed and Leipzig Germany as visiting Professor ( 45 students)
28) Coordinate the mentoring seminar with Dr Dick Wynn for about 30 delegates
29) Doing an Emotional Intelligence programme for 5 delegates
30) TGIF session with Piet de Beer 15 members attending the Friday morning session

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Establishment of Character First as a strategic marketplace intervention

1) Printing 2000 of Basic and Advanced Character First training manuals
2) Doing a CF seminar for Clanwilliam secondary school (10 participants)
3) Trained delegates in Benoni, own office at Crown, Vital Health, George Hospital and Metro Police
4) Training 228 delegates on CF of which came from George Hospital and Metro Police
5) Behaviour- based safety audit and presentation to XSTRATA Mine in Witbank
6) Doing training in Ghana on CF and talking and doing devotion lecture at the Correctional services (75 attended the session)
7) Start with printing a 1000 CF bulletins per month
8) Getting agreement and tender to train 200 policemen in Western Cape Metro Police
9) Talk to 150 delegates on bahaviour-b
ased safety conference

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