Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Ways to Make the Second Half of Your Life Count

Many mountaineers have lost their lives on the Swiss Matterhorn and are buried nearby in a Catholic church cemetery outside the small town of Zermatt. A recent study by a historian found 2/3 of the climbers in this graveyard made it to the Matterhorn peak, but died on the way back down.  They started strong but could not finish, mainly because they were not adequately prepared.
All of us are susceptible to this danger; if not on a mountain, then in life.  It’s easy to go full out in the beginning, but it’s much harder to finish well.  That takes diligent planning and preparation. 
Granted, it’s pretty much impossible to know for certain if you’re in the second half of your life. The definitive information isn’t available until you really don’t need it anymore. However, there is something undeniably pivotal about arriving at your 40’s and 50’s, and hearing, “It’s all downhill from here” (or something like that).
Regardless of exactly when “The second half of your life” begins, there’s absolutely no reason for any All Pro Dad to fail to live with enthusiasm, resolve, and passion. Here are 5 ways to make the second half of your life count.

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