Monday, May 12, 2014

Discover your God-Given Identity and Purpose

Dear Mario and Mariene

Thank you for providing us both with the opportunity to do a Career Direct assessment and to also be trained to take this amazing product to others who we come in contact with.  What we appreciated most was the way in which the training was conducted.  We could sense that what you shared with us came from your hearts much more than from your heads.  That is important because we can easily impress people with what is in our heads and all the knowledge we have, but it is when that which is in the heart is communicated that great things happen.  And we witnessed something great happen when we saw a lost and hopeless young man come in for report back on his assessment.  He came in as an uncertain boy with nothing going for him in life, and he left with a bag full of possibilities.  Most importantly he heard the message that God was for him and God has plans for his life.  He was touched, because he received more than answers to a few questions he answered about himself.  He learned about God’s design for him and was blessed through that.

In the seminars we conduct we see people rediscover (or discover for the first time) their God-given identity and destiny.  It is great to see people lift up their heads after receiving revelation from God about themselves.  Career Direct does something similar.  It sheds light on who we are and what we were destined to become.  It not only helps people to make career choices, but confirms to them that those things they were interested in as young children, were not silly ideas but actually have something to do with how they were put together by Creator God.

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