Saturday, November 7, 2015

What is on God’s heart for the marketplace?

Jambo Mario

I trust you are well. Thank you for your thought provoking email.

What is on God’s heart for the marketplace and for AFRICA that we have to align ourselves to?
In Kenya we are 80% Christians according to the last census. However, we as a country are now broke !! How ? yet we have "Christians" running the Central Bank and National Treasury and several institutions. I have noted with dismay our greed for money and material things. Tenders are overpriced, people are constantly stealing left right and centre. Not just in the public arena but also in the private and NGO sector. We truly need to align ourselves to God's Word in stewardship. Even churches have become money making institution instead of teaching and drawing people to God. Its time we changed. When Donald Trump called us lazy and thieves and busy making babies, its true. Can you imagine, it we just got our act together ! We truly need to align ourselves to God.

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