Sunday, March 6, 2016

Reach out - The ball is in our court

Dear Mario,

There is a great need for all the resources that you have. And to just give a real example:

There is a great need to reach out to the youth. And what stands out for me in the survey is this "At the same time, these youth say their faith is their most cherished value (85%), followed by family and work." Follow the links shared and you will see it. 

I am an ambassador for God, I am an agent for change, and I will be a blessing to many.

Dear Mario and Mariene,

Coming to Cape Town for the training was God incidence! Thank you for adding a new word to my vocabulary. 

I first heard about Career Direct last year, 2015 in March. I was listening to a sermon series about money and the speaker mentioned how majority of graduates in our time end up working in a field not related to the degree they studied, and how this is a lot of money "wasted". And yet education is valuable and the key to wealth creation. So he emphasized the need of getting an education that works, and he mentioned career direct as an invaluable tool to helping people make informed choices in that regard. So I went onto the website, liked what I saw, but it was far off in the U.S. so some other time maybe I will follow up on it.

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