Monday, July 19, 2010

Presenting and coordinating excellent marketplace conference

Equipping Horses conference attended by 120 participants and 50 delegates pre conference and selling the DVD material afterwards with articles in the Joy magazine

Kent Humphreys said the following:

“At this first ever African conference we had leaders from twelve African nations including Egypt. The enthusiasm was very high throughout the three days. The pre-conference tour on the first day was sold out with a bus load full of 52 leaders visiting three different companies. Dick Wynn, formerly of Crown and who has spoken at our FCCI conference, Jerry Forster, who owns a large financial advisory firm, Graham Power, of The Power Companies and who also started the Global Day of Prayer, were also on the platform. The teaching was solidly biblical and very practical. The questions and interaction in the workshops was perhaps the best that I have seen anywhere in the world. The participation by the women and spouses was also are high as I have seen anywhere in the world. Of course the worship and dancing and singing definitely went a step beyond our worship in the USA”.

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