Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 31St FCCI International Conference Tucson, Arizona

The theme of the 31St FCCI International Conference was “Back to the Basics” and we were not disappointed! FCCI (Fellowship of Companies for Christ International) is a membership organisation with a vision to transform the world through Christ, one business leader at a time.
The conference opened with Pat MacMillan, founder and CEO of TRIAXIA Partners, talking about leadership and the pitfalls that surround us and the biblical metaphors regarding leadership.
Other speakers handled the following topics:
• Communication the Key to execution and culture
•  Mentoring for the next generation and business leadership
• Balancing work and family
• Prayer the key to your life
• Turning uncertainty into faith ventures
• Discovery God’s strategy for success
• Christian company 101
• How you keep your focus in the midst of Change Kent Humphreys, former FCCI president and a great friend of mine, received a standing ovation when he delivered his speech “Understanding God’s way while enduring difficulties”.
He spoke about God’s ways being different from our ways. This is shown most vividly when we encounter difficulties. It is during these times that God shows us His Character and builds our character This marketplace conference provided me with a foundation of some excellent “back to basics” material for the marketplace. Another highlight for me was also the Larry Burkett legacy story.
It was very special to see how FCCI paid tribute to the impact of Larry’s commitment to Biblical truth.

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