Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Establishment of Character First as a strategic marketplace intervention

1) Printing 2000 of Basic and Advanced Character First training manuals
2) Doing a CF seminar for Clanwilliam secondary school (10 participants)
3) Trained delegates in Benoni, own office at Crown, Vital Health, George Hospital and Metro Police
4) Training 228 delegates on CF of which came from George Hospital and Metro Police
5) Behaviour- based safety audit and presentation to XSTRATA Mine in Witbank
6) Doing training in Ghana on CF and talking and doing devotion lecture at the Correctional services (75 attended the session)
7) Start with printing a 1000 CF bulletins per month
8) Getting agreement and tender to train 200 policemen in Western Cape Metro Police
9) Talk to 150 delegates on bahaviour-b
ased safety conference

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