Monday, September 8, 2014

Conference feedback from Ghana Training

Dr. Mario Denton

As David said “Is There Not A Cause” and indeed it was made clear at the end of his visit, so it is that i am asking myself “is there not a cause” for me to be honored to listen to your rich ideas and experience? 

Listening to your introduction and reading the materials given us, indeed it is a blessing to be part of the program and I pray that my eyes of understanding will be illuminated in the directions he is giving me for his kingdom to come here on earth. 

May the Almighty God use you like never before to impact into us His wisdom and may you know no limitation in your presentations.  Speak it out! as directed to usher us into our God given destinies. God richly bless you for being humble and selfless.

Martha Anang

Cape Coast Technical School (Counsellor) 

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