Friday, April 25, 2014

Don’t give up − keep on sowing and be a reformer and difference maker

I have been to Ghana five times, namely in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and now 2014. I was invited by Crown Financial Ministies and visited Ghana together with Jan Strydom during my first visits. In 2011 I said to Rev Sam Oppong that I was not coming back again unless I saw some results. At that stage I had provided Rev Sam Oppong with all the relevant material and I waited to see what would happen. Late in 2013 I received an email from Rev Sam, saying that was the right time to come and that they would print the relevant material on their side.
The world is faced with huge challenges – among them are corruption, political and economical instability, difficult and unfair labour practices, lack of integrity, unethical and even destructive leadership, over-exposure to knowledge, continuous change and turmoil, unemployment, poverty and hunger, HIV/Aids, environmental degradation. Many business people have a huge potential to play an important role but are often part of the problem, enriching the fortunate few but exploiting many others. However, a lot of conscientious business people want to make the difference but don’t know how. On the other hand there is a market-place explosion and revival. Individuals, companies, churches and marketplace ministries desperately need some further training and support. The Institute will serve from a "unique serving point" addressing real needs in the workplace

·         To encourage leaders in Africa to operate in their organisations by biblical principles  
·         To train and equip leaders who acts as catalysts to mobilise Christians in the marketplace to commit to as God’s ambassadors, aligning their lives and work to kingdom principles.
Our MISSION is to:
  • Provide relevant and high impact training materials, programmes and processes and specialised curricula will be made available to as many as possible marketplace Christians and leaders.
  • Liaise with other training institutes and marketplace ministries and develop training material as needs dictate.
The credibility and momentum of the Institute will be supported by strategic kingdom partnerships and alliances. The desire is to work closely with all Christian Churches as well as organisations such as FCCI, Walk Thru the Bible, Haggai Institute, Marketplace Alliance, Crown Financial Ministries,  Call2All, ITN, Global Day of Prayer, Unashamedly Ethical,  CBMC, Call 42 and Compass 1 to name a few.
The Institute will, according to formal partnership agreements, make use of existing infrastructures and resources, but also create new infrastructures and resources for specific needs. Input and help from credible leaders in different fields will be acquired to build the network.

We thought very hard on this one but being part of the Compass team, the institute also fully subscribe to the following values:

·         Christ Centered. The Lord owns the institute and is the only One who knows the direction we should take. He alone produces transformed lives.
·         Spirit Led. In the same way that Jesus depended on the Holy Spirit to reveal the will of the Father, we too, are completely dependent on Him to reveal God’s will for the Institute and for each of us as individuals.
·         Bible Based. Everything the institute teaches and does must be based on the Word of God.
·         Prayer Driven. Prayer is essential. Seeking the Lord’s direction, provision, and protection through prayer must be a constant focus for us individually and throughout the entire ministry.
·         Discipleship Focused. Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples of all nations.” This was His priority, and it will be ours.
PRAYER REQUESTS: Make a difference wherever you go? Be significant –stand out. Pray that God will continue to open doors for us even in “closed countries” in Africa. The most important thing is that whatever is done must be done well with a heart of serving others Our source of encouragement… “…for I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it.” Acts 13:41b 
Closing comments

Be a multiplier. Get involved. Let us train your leaders to make a difference in the workplace

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