Sunday, March 6, 2016

Reach out - The ball is in our court

Dear Mario,

There is a great need for all the resources that you have. And to just give a real example:

There is a great need to reach out to the youth. And what stands out for me in the survey is this "At the same time, these youth say their faith is their most cherished value (85%), followed by family and work." Follow the links shared and you will see it. 

There is a great need to reach out to the married as well as those contemplating marriage. Below is a link to a feature story that was in the Standard and it gave us several examples that have happened in the recent past. 

There is also this opportunity to reach out to the Police Force

And having been a recent recipient of Mario's training, I am positive that we have the resources at our disposal to make a difference and impact lives positively for God's glory. Whether it is Character First for the youth, Marriage for Life, pre marital training, resources are here. 

May God give us wisdom to know how to apply them for His glory. The ball is now in our court.

Kind Regards,


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