Sunday, March 6, 2016

I am an ambassador for God, I am an agent for change, and I will be a blessing to many.

Dear Mario and Mariene,

Coming to Cape Town for the training was God incidence! Thank you for adding a new word to my vocabulary. 

I first heard about Career Direct last year, 2015 in March. I was listening to a sermon series about money and the speaker mentioned how majority of graduates in our time end up working in a field not related to the degree they studied, and how this is a lot of money "wasted". And yet education is valuable and the key to wealth creation. So he emphasized the need of getting an education that works, and he mentioned career direct as an invaluable tool to helping people make informed choices in that regard. So I went onto the website, liked what I saw, but it was far off in the U.S. so some other time maybe I will follow up on it.

While coaching my client this past December, 2015, college education is one of her goals and as I listened to her I remembered Career Direct. So I went onto the website to check it out again so that I would direct her there. Then I discovered that I could actually be a consultant and help her out. So I followed up and found that they would have training in Africa as well which was very exciting, and it was in Durban, closer home. So I applied and waited. I think a week was almost gone and I had not heard from them, and the training was in mid January and the time was not much for processing my visa and all. So I called the U.S. office to express my concern and they said they would get back to me. And then Mariene called me! I was elated and thanked God so many times for coming through and making it possible. And of course His providence all the way up until I landed in Cape Town. Mariene, thank you so much for making the follow up calls, ensuring that I was getting all the documents needed, following to see how far I had gone with the application. You have quite a lot on your hands, and you also had the visitors from the U.K. and I appreciate you making the time to ensure that everything as regards my application was on track.

Thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality. Thank you so much for opening up your home to me without having ever met me. For providing for my accommodation, food, ferrying me around to the training and back, to church. Going out of your way to do much more than I could ask for or even imagine. And as if that was not enough, you took me on holiday to Pringle bay, and the surrounding tourist places, Hermanus, a holiday which at the time I could not afford! 

The Career Direct training was priceless! Get the reaffirmation that I am in God's unique design and that I am not crazy was the best gift anyone could ever give me. Especially when you get it from people who matter to you, that they can't quite understand you because you are here and there, you seem not clear on what you are about. I was able to appreciate that I have all these interests and skills that all fit into my personality. And wisdom is asking God to make it clear how to best bring them together so that I can live the life He created me to live. I have the confidence that all I am and have and do, results from how God wired me. And with His wisdom, I will use all these gifts to bless others and to be of service. And my prayer is that many more would get that confirmation and affirmation, that they are created in a unique design, by a loving God, and for His glory. I am an ambassador for God, I am an agent for change, and I will be a blessing to many. And I will let His children know that He created them unique, He has a purpose for them, and He wants them through His strength to work their talents and unique design for His glory. 

Many Thanks for all you did and are still doing with the webinars and following up on me, keeping tabs to ensure that I am on track. I appreciate the guidance, I can never repay you, but there is a God who is and will continue to repay. "Well done thou good and faithful servant" is a phrase you will both hear, including me, if we keep faithful.

"No one can give place in his own heart and life for the stream of God's blessing to flow to others, without receiving in himself a rich reward. The hillsides and plains that furnish a channel for the mountain streams to reach the sea suffer no loss thereby. That which they give is repaid a hundredfold. For the stream that goes singing on its way leaves behind its gift of verdure and fruitfulness. The grass on its banks is a fresher green, the trees have a richer verdure, and the flowers are more abundant. When the earth lies bare and brown under the summer's parching heat, a line of verdure marks the river's course; and the plain that opened her bosom to bear the mountain's treasure to the sea is clothed with freshness and beauty, a witness to the recompense that God's grace imparts to all who give themselves as a channel for its outflow to the world."   Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing

To summarise;
Mario, thank you for taking me through the assessment, it was priceless! I am thankful to God for the invaluable experience. May the Lord continue to increase your wisdom and knowledge so that you may continue to impact this current generation to be the change that you want to see in the world. By God's grace, and for His glory.

Warmest Regards,


From Kenya

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  1. Hi Mario, I am Lazarus from Botswana heard about you by brother in the Lord called Gerhard Swanapoel. The testimonies about your programs and trainings are touchy. I have no doubt I have finally come across someone who can mentor my life both spiritually an professionally to another level. Just hearing about you from Gerhard made me excited to know more about you and to meet you in person.

    God bless you and look forward to hearing from you.


    brother Lazarus


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