Friday, May 17, 2019


Through our training, the Lord is changing lives and impacting eternity
We recently launched our program: The Power of Attitude.
Seventy-seven (77) people have register so far on this program. These are the responses we received …

Good advice to renew your mind. Great perspective. Wonderful lessons. Interesting. Great lessons for my personal leadership development.
I am really enjoying this course. It is brilliantly structured. It’s very impressive and I am grateful for the thoughts so far. I am getting interested.
Our life is but a dot on a line; our attitude determines the ultimate significance of that dot, even long after we are gone. Thanks for your perspective.
I love this part "Problems have silver linings as they provide you opportunities to grow.”
Thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes perspective is lost and it takes a word or turning of a phrase to get the Truth into focus again. Looking forward to doing the course.
This is awesome.
That is really powerful and wise words just what I need as a young man for future and career.
Excellent and Straight to the point!!
What a blessing!  God uses the prayer support of our friends to change lives and impact attitudes … for eternity!
Thank you for helping build up a sound Godly attitude worldwide

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