Monday, April 29, 2019

Time for a Attitude Check-Up!

We created this program, a brand-new interactive eLearning program and the first of its kind for us. One of our core values is to engage the head, heart and hands. This program equips you to form a deeper understanding of the power of attitude. It is designed to work from the inside out—from hearts, to homes, to churches and to communities.

We will examine eight attitudes or perspectives that can radically alter how you live life. They will guide you to make a positive influence in the world.
1.   Always Be Thankful. Starting Point
2.   Live In Hope. Destination
3.   Fulfill Your Purpose. The Path
4.   Be Your Best. Our Heart
5.   Give Your All. Maturity
6.   Put Others First. Sacrifice
7.   Focus On The Eternal. Perspective
8.   Attack The Day. The Fight
General Remarks so far on this Remarkable Program
Good advice to renew your mind. Great perspective. Wonderful lesson. Interesting. Great lessons for my personal leadership development. I am really enjoying this course. It’s brilliantly structured. Great thought. That’s very impressive and grateful for the thoughts so far. I am getting interested. Great expectations on my mind as I begin another "walk" with Mario
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