Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Financial Unity

 Question: Do you and your spouse periodically review your financial picture together, set goals, and make changes as necessary to achieve those goals. Complete the rest of the questions together. 

  • Completely disagree (CD)
  • Mostly disagree (MD)
  • Slightly disagree (SD)
  • Undecided (U)
  • Slightly agree (SA)
  • Mostly agree (MA)
  • Completely agree (CA)
  • Part two: Financial Unity
    21. As couples we do fully understand how our background en personality and relationship with God affecting our financial attitudes
    22. I fully understand my spouse financial personality- her view on money, shopping tendencies, inclination to save and give)
    23. I can honestly say that I am completing my spouse and not frustrating each other
    24. We understood how to work together on our finances
    25.Our great marriage and unity in our finances is due to our great communication
    26. My listening skills is my strength and I give my undivided attention when we talk about money
    27.Sharing honest feelings enables us to identify the differences when we talk through financial decisions
    28.Our regular financial conversations is not filled with blame, or defensiveness or getting personal
    29.Our written financial goals create momentum so that we can focus our priorities that enable us to achieve our purpose
    30.We balance our financial challenges by intentionally creating also a culture of encouragement, gratitude and celebration
    31. I am my spouse cheerleader  not his/her critic and regularly express genuine gratitude to him/her
    32. Celebrating financial progress is a huge thing for us and we seriously and intentionally do it
    33. I genuinely reflect approval, appreciation and encouragement to my spouse
    34.Praying together for direction and favour on our finances is what we seriously practice

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