Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your marriage matters, make it last. MMI Conference

AS MARRIAGE goes … so goes our family. As the family goes, so goes the nation. As the nation goes, so goes the world.

At our regional conference in Paarl we gathered together to discuss the following:
• The power of prayer
• Getting to the heart of conflict
• Pursuing financial unity
• Pursuing parenting unity
• Building character unity in your life
• Career success and family excellence
• Emotional healing.

To us it was really a fresh encounter with some back-to-basics Kingdom support material and tools to develop marriages and families to make a difference towards their journey of marital and parenting significance. We are ready to repeat this for other regions.

Testimony of one of the delegates:

“On Saturday my wife and I were blessed and privileged to attend a seminar (Life saver) that you presented. Please allow me to make use of this mail to thank you and your wife for the life experience/live saver.

“We recently (1 year ago) got married, and I worked abroad. I returned two months ago and there was very little left of our marriage. Between the kids and us there was very little hope left. I prayed and prayed. We really tried, but with no success − things just got worse and worse. Although we love each other, there was nothing left, no communication, no trust, just a huge canyon between us.

“On the 25th of October she finally gave up. Her bags were packed and she was ready to move out. Then the 1st miracle happened:  owing to the heavy rain she could not move out. Then the 2nd miracle: for some reason she had not received her salary that was due on the 25th. She was devastated and things were really bad in the house.

“We sat down and agreed that there had to be a reason for this. What that reason was, was yet to be discovered.  She received a call from our group leader, who asked us to talk to them. They suggested that we attend your Seminar on the Saturday. During last week we started communicating and I started listening for the first time. After a few days we decided we would enrol for the Seminar.

“By the Saturday we had managed to gain valuable ground. I had started opening up to the children and things were really more positive. But with scars and hearts filled with doubt, both of us were scared that the healing would only be for a short period, as had been the case in the past.

Then came your Seminar or live saver, and as the day progressed she opened up and the sparkle returned to her eyes. The foundations of the Seminar made such an impact that we were lifted by the hand of the Lord and guided by the Spirit. The truth in your heart, (including your wife’s) and the absolute trust you conveyed were so uplifting that we were raised beyond the stars. We joined hands with the sun and the moon and realised that through the presence of the Lord in your life, the spirit that guided you, we managed to be filled with the spirit of the Lord just by hanging on your lips.

“Then came the closing. Wow, what a life dream.!, I always thought I was filled with the spirit of the Lord, but thanks to you, your wife and all the other patrons, we realised that what we experienced there was the ultimate. Thanks you to you, your wife and the others, we managed to take a step back, allowed the spirit to enter our lives and let the Lord take control of our lives. All our prayers were answered. And we have moved forward with love, love and lots of love.

“We thank you, we will dedicate our lives as servants of the Lord and guide others with the same passion and love with which you guided us. You and your wife are truly angels of the Lord and have made such an impact on us that we want to use you as icons, the Lord as our foundation, and we will do what is expected of us.

“You can use us in any way you like, we will assist you. We want to do all the courses you have and get all training we can.

“With great thanks.”

We would like to train 50 couples in Parenting and Married for Life and are looking forward to assist you, so please contact us in this regard.

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