Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Improve your small business

As business school lecturer and consultant I love talking about sessions to facilitate business moving into new challenges. So marketing and strategy, and selling and product knowledge thinking are just great topics. But the recent group of people from Mamelodi and Thembisa really challenged me to think about entrepreneurship in a totally different way.

How do you equip people with the necessary skills that will enable them to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their communities on a sustainable/long-term basis of entrepreneurship?

I presented a Business Matters course program put together by Sibusisiwe Community Care after I had done some research on the topic “Entrepreneurship that prospers”.

A group of delegates were invited by Mathilda Fourie of Moreletta Park. The first two sessions consisted of a discussion of the entrepreneurship calling. After that we talked about the character of an entrepreneur and a good steward. The highlight of the day was using the three God Provides videos, namely Abraham and Isaac, The widow and the oil, and  Jeremiah’s calling. We then discussed these videos with an emphasis on the role of the entrepreneur.

Later that day we did some basic calculations and took all the participants  through concepts like buying, finding the gap, marketing, selling, stock taking and a basic business plan.

WOW! I just love this programme, which can really benefit many entrepreneurs trying to get into the market. I’m looking forward to doing a similar one again. Please contact us if you are interested in assisting us in rolling out a similar seminar.

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