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Marketplace journey so far based on key performance areas during 2007 and 2008

1.Facilitating Leadership by the Book seminars and Catalytic Events and teaching on the Purpose of Business, Ownership or Integrity

(Total number of people attending these sessions: 319)

Pieterrmaritzburg, Richards Bay, Grabouw, Slanghoek, Alberton, Britz, Heidelberg, Durbanville, African Enterprise Group

2. Training in other parts of Africa
(Total number of people attending these sessions: 954)

Business by the book leadership, The Women Chambers of Commerce for Liberia, Lecturing at Cuttington University on the topic of sustainable leadership development, training Members for the Full Gospel church membership in Liberia

Finishing well evening, presentation on from Success to significance, team build for Kanaal Sewe Radio Station, Excellence workshop, Okahandja small business training
Ghana: Training people at a Full Gospel business group session on the road towards significance.

Nigeria Meeting various business people in searching for the right candidate to run Crown Marketplace in Africa

Egypt A successful Business by the Book event took place in Cairo another first for Crown Africa.

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Train students including a group of executive MBA students in Kumasi

3 International training outside Africa Total number of people attending these sessions: 4231
Indonesia Setting goals, changing the paradigms in your payer network, sustaining prayer networks, Talking at Abba Love church and doing a radio talk in Jakarta on executive Blind spots. Lecturing for MBA students on optimising your emotional intelligence for University of Indonesia

India: Verlore Medical college, Chennai Speaking at Willingker/Poddar College on Emotional Intelligence, CBMC meeting in Bangalore and Madurai, Retailers Association of India, Addressing pastors on topic: Mastering in times of change: Madurai

Haggai Training in Maui Hawaii

Doing the Character First training in Oklahoma
Character First! were founded by Tom Hill of Kimray, Inc. to encourage personal character development in the lives of his employees. In 1996, the Character Training Institute (CTI) was established to encourage true success in business, organisations, schools, communities, and families by encouraging character growth and development in the United States and around the world. With 49 character qualities at its center, Character First! offers a variety of training and resources to stimulate character growth in individuals from all walks of life.

4 Business presentations and Breakfast talks on the following: (Total number of people attending these sessions: 792)

Corporate myths

The world of work

Crown Monthly Business Forums

Married for Life weekend.

Goudini Farmers summit

Africa Crown Conference –presentation on sustainable business planning,
Pragma conference

City of Benoni on launch of Character First and character First training.

Doing a presentation at Gallager estates at the 5th Annual HR Summit

Pieter Coetzee from Propergation ask for a breakfast talk on The KBA way of doing things: Using Emotional Intelligence and Character develop

The survival plan in terms of financial crises have been discussed with another breakfast session

Damas Transformational Mentoring. Businesspeople did attend the breakfast session in Worcester

Citrusdal training for Propergation

NEOS Church: Morning service on debt, integrity and testimonies on the impact of small group training
City of Cape Town on Sustainable Authentic Leadership:
A successful morning lecture on commitment took place at Media Village
From Accidental Addition to Intentional Multiplication Breakfast session

A business presentation on developing emotional intelligence have been done for Chief Executives from various companies as well as a presentation for delegates from Tellumat during lunch time on facilitating change

5 Outside business consulting on teambuilding, Emotional Intelligence, strategic planning (Total number of people attending these sessions: 312)

PPECB, Eben Donges Hospital, ITT, Coca Cola, NEOS Church, Vredenburg Hospital Driving, Barloworld., George District Hospital, Pepperplum, Senior Management of Western Cape, Vital health, Tellumat.

6. Lecturing at Business schools abroad Total number of people attending these sessions 74

Frankfurt (Oder) Three week elective in Germany on Strategic Human Resource management, Reims management near Paris for the 11 time in 2009
India: Bangalore Management Academy
Leipzig: Management School in Germany

7. Radio

Complete the first 50 wisdom at work one minute
Twenty Five 30 minute broadcasts have been completed for Radio Tygerberg 104 on Wisdom at Work.

8. Relationship Building

Meeting Dr Henry Blackaby, Jim Dismore, Kent Humphreys, Walt Wiley. Lee Ellis, Warren Hogan and Vic Sassone, Jonathan Shaw, Micro Mba, Equip (Rēp), African Enterprise, Dr Michael Cassidy, ITN , Media Village

9. Developing and adapting workplace material

The following material have been adapted for small groups

Doing Business God’s way

The Purpose of Profits in Business

Funding God’s work

Treating employees fairly

Compensation for employees

Following God’s Rule for the business

Patience, Fairness and consistency

Hiring decisions

Firing decisions

Selecting a manager

Protecting your business

Committing your business to God

Crown Business Forum members

10. Leadership Academy
The Crown team below get together and discuss the roll out of the establishment of leadership development for Crown Leaders. The following facts need to be highlighted:
Crown Africa had trained literally thousands of people on various catalytic events
The growth of Crown Africa and South Africa necessitates a greater focus on training faculty.
We need to train more trainers, leaders and facilitators.
There is a marketplace explosion and revival who desperately needs some further training and are keen to get involved

Handre, Janine, Daniel, Jan , Alet and Mario at Pringlebay

11. Attending FCCI 29th Annual Marketplace Conference
Attending the pre study conference trip and the twenty ninth marketplace conference was definitely another milestone and highlight of my career. Thirty five people attended the pre study conference and it included places like Navigators and the ministry of Dr James Dobson and successful organizations. We have also attended Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada where I have done a presentation on Crown and its development in Africa for a Sunday school group after the first morning service

To God all the Glory

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